Pet Relocation

Relocating your pets can be very challenging without professional assistance. At Raffles Relocation, we understand that your pets are members of your family, which is why we make it our top priority to ensure that they are kept safe and secure during your relocation.


You will be assigned a pet travel consultant to take care of every detail of your pet’s relocation ensuring that all requirements to your destination are met. We also provide a full door-to-door service anywhere in the world.


Our Services Include:

  • Booking the most direct flight to your destination with a detailed itinerary
  • Detailed information about your destination’s quarantine and customs requirements
  • Boarding (If required)
  • Arranging an airline approved travel crate
  • Collection in animal transport vehicle
  • Veterinary home visit to provide necessary vaccinations if required
  • Access to Transit Lounge (pre-flight)
  • Pre-flight health check by Veterinarian
  • Delivery of your pet (Optional)
  • A 24/7, 365 days service capability


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