“Very experienced and competent, know the work very well and a good friendly team.”

Ms Ann Foo (Relocated to Cape Town, SA)

“Very happy with the service!”

Mr Vinod Adivarahan (Relocated to Columbia, SC)

“Very hard working, focused and likeable crew!”

Ms Theresa Werner (Relocated to Hobart, Tasmania)

“Good service all around, everyone was hard working and careful with our belongings”

Ms K Debroux (Relocated to California, USA)

“Excellent service, packaging done very well and timely”

Ms Radiah (Relocated to Penang, Malaysia)

“Very impressed by the services”

Ms Priya Sen (Relocated to Pune, India)

“Very fast and thorough”

Mr Justin Dundee (Relocated to Brisbane, Australia)

“Very meticulous and careful packing done for us”

Dr John Read (Relocated to Saudi Arabia)

“Very helpful and approachable, I really liked their work.  Always a smile on their face, no complaint, never say no for anything.  I will defintely use Raffles again whenever I need to move”

Ms Mamta Triparthy (Local move within Singapore)

“Very pleased with the services”

Ms Kate Churchill (Local move within Singapore)

“Very good job done, fast, accurate and efficient”

Mr Evgeny (Relocated to Limassol, Cyprus)