International Vehicle Transportation

Getting your vehicle shipped easily overseas may prove to be tricky if you are doing it alone. But you don’t need to worry because Raffles Relocation will make sure that your car, motorcycle or any other type of vehicle will get to your destination safely, whether you’re shipping it temporarily or permanently.


Car Shipping and Storage
Wherever you are in the world, Raffles Relocation will provide you with a car shipping service that you can trust. We have a team of car shipping providers who can guarantee that your car is kept safe and secure throughout the shipping process. Pre-journey checks and preventative measures will be carried out to ensure that your car will arrive at your destination in tiptop shape. We can also arrange a storage option for your vehicle while you are in transit and have it delivered at your preferred location once you arrive.


Motorcycle Shipping 
Whether you just purchased a new motorcycle during a trip overseas or you want to take your motorcycle on an adventure, Raffles Relocation will take care of your shipping needs for you. Our team will take all necessary measures to ensure that your motorcycle will safely arrive at your chosen destination.


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