"A Journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. But even that step begins with a decision". Allow Raffles Relocation & Mobility to assist your with that decision.

In line with our mission of providing superior value proposition to our customers, Raffles Relocation is proud to offer you a full range of relocation services specially designed for your individual needs. Quality, Experience, Simplicity, Reliability and Price Advantage is what makes Raffles Relocation & Mobility, one of the most preferred relocation services provider, Anywhere – Everywhere.

Relocating internationally can be exciting, complex and challenging at the same. Whether you are relocating on your own or with your family or if your relocation is work related, regardless of where you are relocating “from” or “to” Raffles Relocation will take the complexity & challenge out of the relocation so that you are only left with the excitement of relocating.

Our expertise in household packing, shipping and storage coupled with a host of bespoke services (please refer to the bespoke services section for more details) and the latest quality standard is designed to make your relocation a simple process.

With over two thousand (2000) partners across one hundred twenty (120) countries and six (6) continents, our personalized service including a non-obligatory consultation and pre-move survey coupled with price advantage, quality assurance and a will to exceed expectations is what makes us one of the most preferred relocation company, anywhere – everywhere.

Feel free to contact us today for a non-obligatory quote. Download your International Relocation Check List “RRMIRCL” copy here.

Reliability, timeliness & quality assurance are terms which are associated with all aspects of our relocation services including all domestic & local relocation.

At Raffles Relocation, high quality packing & unpacking & debris removal and are standard part of ensuring that you settle quickly and well in your new residence. We also provide optional valet & handyman services should you require these facilities to settle into your new environment quickly.

Our unwavering commitment to the environment has consistently strengthened year on year and as a part of that commitment we use, reusable materials, wherever and whenever we can.

Feel free to contact us today for a non-obligatory quote. Download your domestic Relocation Check List “RRMDRCL” copy here.

Stress & anxiety go hand in hand when it comes to moving an office and the task and is perhaps the most complex relocation. Raffles Relocation deploys the highest level of quality standards & competence to seamlessly execute this task so that you continue business as usual (BUA) with minimum disruption.

Each office relocation is different and so is our approach to each of the projects however the one thing that stays constant is our determination towards quality and to make the move stress-free and simplified.

From assessment to execution each step is meticulously planned after understanding your specific needs.

Feel free to contact us today for a non-obligatory quote. Download your office relocation Check List “RRMORCL” copy here.  

There is no question about the fact that pets are your family and family always comes first. At Raffles Relocation we completely understand and imbibe these sentiments and make it our top priority to ensure that your pets are kept safe & secure during your relocation at all times.

Our panel of specialist pet relocation providers ensure that your pet/s are in safe and reliable hands and every possible detail of their relocation is carefully planned by your personally assigned pet travel consultant. Your pet travel consultant has a detailed understanding of what must be done to ensure all of the requirements of the destination country are abided by. A full door to door service is provide anywhere in the world.

Pet Relocation options include:

  • Flight booking on the most direct flight to your destination and a detailed itinerary
  • Detailed information about your destinations quarantine and customs requirements
  • Boarding (if required)
  • Arranging an airline approved travel crate
  • Collection in Animal Transport Vehicle
  • Veterinary home visit to provide necessary vaccinations if required
  • Access to Transit Lounge (pre-flight)
  • Health check by Veterinarian pre-flight
  • Delivery of your pets, should you choose this option
  • 24 X 7 X 365 service capability

Feel free to contact us today for a non-obligatory quote. Download your pet relocation Check List “RRMPRCL” copy here.


Should you require extra space to keep your household items during relocation, prior to or after even, at Raffles Relocation, we have tailor made options for your consideration. Our storage options cater to multiple requirements including long tenure storage, short tenure storage, climate controlled storage solutions & Wine storage solutions. You will find that our options are well planned and cater to almost all your storage needs.

Long Tenure Storage
Should you wish to leave behind household items during your relocation or just want to store items that you may not have room for, even when you are not relocating, Raffles Relocation’s high quality accredited services will ensure that your items are securely packed and stored for a longer tenure and available for you to retrieve at the end of the tenure or at any time with a door - to - door service Feel free to contact us today for a non-obligatory quote. Download your pet relocation Check List “RRMLTSCL” copy here.

Short Term Storage & In-Transit Storage
Requirements for a short-term storage and in-transit storage solutions are equally well catered to by Raffles Relocation. Just let us know when you want to pack the items and when you want them redelivered and we will ensure that the same is carried out seamlessly.

Feel free to contact us today for a non-obligatory quote. Download your pet relocation Check List “RRMSTSCL” copy here.


Climate Controlled Storage
Should you require climate controlled conditions for your belongings, Raffles Relocation has just the right solution for you. The advantage of using climate controlled storage is the protection it provides to your valuables against nature’s elements by using the atmospheric regulation.

Many precious heirlooms & other special items may or may not be suited for regular long-term storage option so with a climate controlled storage unit, there is much less chance of discovering significant damage to weather-sensitive items.

Please feel free to call us or email us with your requirements and we will be happy to be of assistance.


Overseas Storage
When relocating overseas, should you feel that you need some extra time to settle down in your new environment or may be living in temporary accommodation until you find a home that you like and prefer, Raffles Relocation can assist you during these times as well by providing storage solutions in the country of arrival until such time that you are ready to receive your goods.

Please feel free to call us or email us with your requirements and we will be happy to be of assistance.

Wine Storage
Wine connoisseur, collector or merchant alike, if you have extra bottles of wine and would like a place to store them, Raffles Relocation has just the solution for you. Our service providers can provide multiple space and storage options and they also come along with (optional) wine tasting area/ facility.

Please feel free to call us or email us with your requirements and we will be happy to be of assistance.



By providing comprehensive competencies towards the relocation of furniture and fixtures in small to large quantities coupled with storage facilities, Raffles Relocation ensures that your logistics, transportation, storage and fit-out needs are met.

Right from procurement to shipment and execution, the project is skilfully managed by Raffles Relocation's subject matter expert partners who have multiple years of experience to make this important process stress-free for you.

Please feel free to call us or email us with your requirements and we will be happy to be of assistance. 


Based on our impeccable track record, certification, superior safety and packing standards, our insurance providers offer extremely competitive rates and a comprehensive insurance coverage for your household goods.

You can be rest assure that you are in good hands that we will do everything possible to ensure your peace of mind. 

The insurance protection coverage offers you:

  • Door to Door coverage
  • Storage coverage
  • Mould and mildew coverage
  • Mechanical and Electrical coverage (excluding automobiles)
  • Pairs and sets

For a full set of insurance options and terms and conditions, please download a copy of your peace of mind insurance Coverage “RRMPOMICCL” here.

Precision, timeliness, reliability & trust are the important ingredients when relocating a commercial warehouse and like everything else, Raffles International is more than equipped to execute this seamlessly.

Our staff are experienced and well trained to provide high quality packing and moving services of your commercial goods including high value and confidential items whenever the need arises.

From assessment to execution each step is meticulously planned after understanding your specific needs. Feel free to call us or email us today for a non-obligatory quote.

At Raffles Relocation we consistently and constantly keep the “antonyms” of the above like "Off-the-shelf" and "one-size-fit all” farthest away from our thought process and philosophy itself.

Our unique and custom made services menu for both, departure and arrival points of your relocation are well appreciated and in demand due to their dynamic and proactive range.

  • Departure Services
    Take the hassle and complexity out of your relocation by choosing one or all of these services before you relocate.

  • Arrival Services
    Slip easily and conveniently into your new surroundings by choosing one or all of these services after you arrive into the new city/country.




City orientation
Our orientation officers are well equipped both in terms of their expertise and friendly attitude to make this aspect of your relocation as simple as possible.

City tour with specific need based guidance around Schools / Universities / Places to stay / Local culture / Eateries / Clubs / Attractions etc. is tailor made around your needs and specification.

Settling-in services
To help you settle down in your new surroundings the settling in services can either be a stand-alone request or in combination with the orientation services for place to stay / schooling / banking / setting up utility services etc. once again our highly experienced and proficient service providers will cater to your needs.

Clubs & membership services (Available in Singapore only)

A unique highlight of the bespoke services, is Raffles Relocation's ability to provide you with a one-time complimentary membership of a prestigious partner club for 30 days when you arrive in Singapore.

Immerse yourself into the luxury of the club surroundings and have the ability to network and mingle with other club patrons and exchange information, should you choose to. All this just to ensure that you settle down into your new surroundings quickly and feel at home.

Valet service
Valet services with Raffles Relocation, is nothing short of life simplified & luxury personified at its best. To make you feel right at home in your new home, we can organize the following:

  • Basic cleaning before you arrive.
  • Stock up your kitchen with basic items.
  • Unpack your shipment upon arrival and place them where you want us to and many other things.
  • Provide temporary, English proficient helpers by the hour, day or week should you choose to opt for this option.

Furniture rental services
Feel right at home with the furniture of your taste and choice during your initial days of moving into a new city while you are waiting for your belongings to arrive.

Our “Short Term” or “Long Term” furniture rental provided by hand-picked partners will ensure that your expectations are met and hopefully exceeded.



Take the hassle and complexity out of your relocation by choosing one or all of these services before you relocate.

By being true to our philosophy of taking the complexity out of the relocation, Raffles Relocation is pleased to provide you with a host of services to choose from so that you are left with the excitement of relocating. Anywhere – Everywhere.


Immigration & Visa
Visa applications may be required to travel overseas and at Raffles Relocation, we have one of the most robust immigration service providers at your disposal.

  • Visa assessment
  • Visa consultation
  • Visa documentation assistance
  • Tourist & long term visa consultation

These are some of the services that our experienced & highly qualified service partners are geared up to provide

International vehicle transportation
If you are relocating either temporarily or permanently and have decided to transport your vehicle (car and / or motorcycle) with you or if you have bought your vehicle overseas and want to bring it in , Raffles Relocation is happy to provide you with competitive rates and best in class transportation.

This service is available for inbound transportation for vehicles bought overseas coming into your city of domain or outbound transportation for vehicles bought at your domicile and shipping out when you relocate.

Air freight services
Should you require to take additional belongings apart from your check in baggage’s to help you settle down in your new home faster or to assist you with feeling comfortable in your serviced apartment, Raffles Relocation also provides air freight services for such belongings so that they reach your destination at more or less the same time as you do.

Handyman & cleaning services
Relocation involves many moving parts that need to harmoniously coexist and cohesively fit. One such task is ensuring that you leave your property in an impeccable condition. Raffles Relocation takes the complexity out of this process and provides highly skilled handyman & cleaning services ensuring superb patchwork and cleaning so that your property is ready to be handed over, if you are renting or be left in a spotless condition if you own it. Regardless, it is our job to simplify your relocation process.

Antiquities packing & crating
Appreciating and collecting antiquities is a refined taste and requires equally refined packing techniques coupled with expert handling & transportation. At Raffles Relocation, we ensure that your prized and precious possessions are meticulously managed with utmost care and respect during the entire relocation process.

We provide the following services:

  • Customized safety packing
  • Custom crating based on dimensions
  • Domestic , air & sea transportation
  • Customized peace of mind insurance coverage

Singapore is a land of diverse cultures harmoniously blended together with colourful traditions, festivals and respect. The Cultural Spectrum Workshop is a great way of understanding and fitting right into the multi-dimensional land called Singapore.

It’s an interactive workshop specially designed for people relocating to work and live in Singapore. It eases you in and helps you get acquainted to your new surroundings quickly. Come and see Singapore through local eyes and feel the vibrancy through local experience.

This specifically designed, four (4) hour programme covers:

  • Get acquainted to Singapore infrastructure and utilities
  • Multi-cultural Lunch – Dining etiquettes of ethnic cultures
  • Singapore Culture – Protocols, hierarchy, socializing and networking

Feel free to call us on (65) 68943720 and we will be happy to assist you.